Doggy Holiday In Orange

Trying to find good, pet friendly accommodation is so difficult that we decided to start up our own so at least visitors to Orange could find a great place for themselves and their pooch. 

We have a dog ourselves called Bailey and know that four legged friends really are one of the family. Going away quickly becomes very expensive when you have to factor in kennel fees, especially during peak holiday periods.

dogs in Orange, NSW - Cottages in Orange

Cottages in Orange offers two pet friendly cottages, each has three bedrooms and large established gardens which are fully fenced, so whether you bring a small dog or big dog there will be no escaping.

Plenty of space to run around like a mad thing.

Plenty of space to run around like a mad thing.

We have provided dog water bowls, dog treats and some dog toys to keep your puppy entertained whilst staying at our cottages. At night guests are welcome to bring their dog into the laundry area to sleep.

pet friendly cottage - cottages in orange

We provide tips and suggestions on leash free dog parks nearby as well as, dog friendly cafes and wine bars in Orange.,

For those who would love a dog but don't have one yet (you know who you are!) you can always come and stay at Dalton St Studio and enjoy lots of quality time with our beloved puppy Bailey, who is a gentle giant that adores attention from guests.